The Best Character On 'Killing Eve'

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Salma Ahmed

It is rare to find someone who didn't watch BBC’s almost amazing Killing Eve. Now now, we say almost amazing because have you seen this ending? We won’t say any spoilers, but we can’t ignore how disappointed most of the show’s fans were after such a gray ending.

Some shows may manage to keep the same rating and professionalism throughout all seasons, but others fail at doing so. Unfortunately, Killing Eve is considered by many people to have failed to keep its glamour throughout the four seasons.

The good part is that some characters didn't fail us as the show did, and we still got to see the chemistry between Eve and Villanelle. So, it was hard for us to pick the best character on Killing Eve.

However, Jodie Comer helped us with her amazing performance and for us, Villanelle is the best character. Why? Scroll down and find out why we love her!

Not Just An Assassin

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From the beginning of Killing Eve and the show’s fans were surprised by how quickly they fell in love with Villanelle who is a psychopathic assassin who kills ruthlessly.

We are not ashamed to say that we also fell in love with her. It was easy for people to love Comer’s character when they realized that she is not just an assassin and that there is more to her.

We witness Villanelle’s character development and how she shows her vulnerability, and her true self, around Eve. This vulnerability made us look past the surface to find out that Villanelle is someone who faced many traumatic events and yet is still trying to connect with Eve.

She Kills While Being Fashionable

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Who said that assassins can’t be stylish while being ruthless as well?

Villanelle may be a villain but she is one who knows how to dress and just like she managed to steal our hearts, we would like to manage and steal her wardrobe.

Jodie Comer talked about Villanelle’s style and said to Phoebe Waller-Bridge: " I wish I was as bold as her. What I love about Villanelle is that she has a particular style. I feel like if you look through her wardrobe, there’s a definite theme running through it.”

Well, we definitely love this, killer, style.

We Love A Confident Woman

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While it is obvious that being an assassin requires you to be confident, we still want to talk about Villanelle’s self-confidence.

It is not easy for one to be 100% themselves, but Villanelle somehow makes it look so easy. She says what she wants to say and while people may argue on whether her not apologizing is a good or bad quality, we can’t deny that this attributes to Villanelle’s self-confidence.

This is another reason why people love her character!

She Can Make You Laugh

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We can’t mention why we love Villanelle without mentioning her sense of humor.

Yes, she is a villain but that doesn’t stop her from being funny. It is a good difference from the show’s creators because we all know the stereotype that people have toward villains and that they can’t have a sense of humor; it’s refreshing to have this kind of change when it comes to the portrayal of villains.

The creators managed to maintain a balance between Villanelle being a villain and also having a sense of humor. So, it felt normal when we heard some of Villanelle’s absurd jokes.

You may agree or disagree on Killing Eve’s ending, but we can all agree that Jodie Comer was the perfect Villanelle. We can also agree that there are more lovable characteristics in Villanelle, but we mentioned the ones that convinced us of Villanelle is the best character on Killing Eve.