Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons In Swimsuit Has 'Pastel' Weekend

Sally Fitzgibbons
Wikimedia | Hpeterswald

Triston Brewer

The world's surfing champion, Sally Fitzgibbons, tends to have an impeccable divine color combination when it comes to her fashion choices. Those that follow her through her social media know she takes moments while her weekends or vacations to bask in her beauty.

Sally Is A World Champion Surfer And Swimsuit Aficionado

With over 573k Instagram followers, the Australian pro surfer always shares a series of photos flaunting her toned legs, and it's quite impressive. The surfer rocks a lot of bathing suits in both neutral and pastel colors, giving her fans the full range of hues.

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Sally Taking Time To Enjoy The Fruits Of Her Labor

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So, what does Sally do to unwind after attacking the waves to stay in peak competition shape? After surfing all day long, Sally can be seen in one shot taking a snap while relaxing alongside her surfing board. The photo shows that the surfer had a busy day and was happy. She wore a one-piece black swimsuit combining it with a pair of shades while relaxing on the flight of wooden stairs. Her fans already know how important it is for her to take a break from training all the time, and this is why she has been so successful – finding the right balance has paid off in a major way!

Sally Brings The Pastels!

With her always tan skin and fine features, why wouldn’t Sally want to rock some pastel colors that accentuate her features? The 31-year-old rocked in a yellow one-piece bathing suit pairing it up with a pastel-peach bucket hat turned up at the front. Sally looked lovely, combining it with an en vogue wristwatch and covering it up with a gorgeous smile. Her surroundings of shrubbery hedged stone terrace and an aura made the photo even more beautiful. She captioned the post "Pastel kinda weekend."

Sally Shines In Black!

Whoever thought that black was basic has not taken a look at what Sally is doing on her posts! Sally shared another photo in a one-piece form-fitting black swimsuit and smashed the look. The star surfer was sitting on wooden stairs with her wet-looking hair moved backward, probably after swimming through the ocean. She complimented the outfit with a pair of dark shades and a smile. All told, the pro surfer is photogenic, charismatic, and nonchalant about her approach to balancing the waves, relaxation, and the simpler things in life.