Hillary Clinton's Undelivered 2016 Victory Speech Released

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks on
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Damir Mujezinovic

The 2016 presidential election was historic for several reasons, not least because former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the first female presidential nominee to represent a major party.

In the end, Clinton lost to real estate mogul Donald Trump, who was defeated four years later by Democrat Joe Biden.

Trump's win came as a surprise to many, including Clinton herself, whose advisers worked for weeks on what was supposed to be her victory speech.

Unreleased Speeches

Now, six years later, Clinton's speech is for the first time ever available in full.

The speech was published in In Undelivered: The Never-Heard Speeches That Would Have Rewritten History.

A compilation of never-before-heard speeches, the book was penned by speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum -- it includes gems such as former President Richard Nixon's refusal to resign in 1974, per Business Insider.

But the speech Clinton was supposed to deliver in 2016 has garnered the most attention from the public and members of the press alike.

Clinton's 2016 Victory Speech

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a rally
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In her would-be victory speech, Clinton wanted to reach out to Trump supporters.

"Many of us are rejoicing in the outcome. Some of us are not. It's never easy to be on the losing side of an election. Believe me, I know that first-hand," the Democrat would have said.

Clinton lost a presidential primary to former President Barack Obama in 2008.

"We debate and argue, and sometimes it gets heated, but in the end, we all love our country. Now we owe it to America and each other to strive for common ground and common purpose."

Praising Trump

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In her speech, Clinton also planned to address Trump directly.

"And to Donald Trump -- it's no secret that he and I don't see the world the same way, and in this campaign we weren't shy about airing our differences. But he fought relentlessly right up until the finish, and we wish him and his family well," the former secretary of state would have said.

Clinton also planned to talk about welcoming immigrants and addressing sexism, and she also wanted to talk about her mother Dorothy Howell Rodham.

Reading The 2016 Speech

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers remarks
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Clinton read parts of the speech she would have made if she had won the 2016 presidential election last year for the streaming platform MasterClass.

As Fox News reported, the Democrat choked up while talking about her mother and the possibility of becoming president of the U.S.

Critics slammed Clinton as delivering a "masterclass in self-pity and delusion," with legal analyst Gregg Jarrett virtually diagnosing her with "narcissistic personality disorder."