MLB Rumors: 3 Teams That Could Trade For Yankees' Joey Gallo

Joey Gallo
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Ernesto Cova

The New Yor Yankees sure hoped to add a lefty slugger like Joey Gallo would turn their offense around last season. But despite playing primarily on a hitters-friendly park, Gallo has vastly struggled since moving to the Bronx.

Gallo's swing is tailor-made to hit nothing but bombs. However, he provides little else to an offense that often needs to find ways to put the ball into play.

Gallo Can Contribute Other Ways

Joey Gallo
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So, with the MLB trade deadline zooming in every day, Gallo's name has been thrown around in multiple trade rumors. Yankees GM Brian Cashman, however, still has confidence in the outfielder:

“I can just tell you this, he works his ass off, he cares a great deal," Cashman said. "He’s bonded with his teammates, and over time, certainly, I think he’ll find that higher ground on a more consistent basis. And I’m not worried about Joey Gallo.”

Even so, if the Yankees find themselves in a position to strike a deal for him, it'll be hard to convince Cashman not to pull the trigger. With that in mind, let's look at three potential destinations for him.

Cleveland Guardians

Progressive Field
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Yes, the Cleveland Guardians aren't interested in competing right now, and chances are that they won't be looking to absorb big contracts. However, they're so thin on the outfield that they should be looking to add more depth there.

Moreover, the Guardians desperately crave any offensive punch on the outfield. Other than Jose Ramirez's usual contributions at both third base and as the DH, this team has lacked offensive punch, and a lot of that is due to their outfield.

Boston Red Sox

Fenway Park
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The Boston Red Sox currently have arguably the worst hitter in the league in Jackie Bradley Jr. Their offense has been dormant for most of the season. They need to do whatever it takes to turn things around, even trading with their lifelong rivals.

Gallo isn't precisely thriving offensively but could provide some much-needed power without hurting Alex Cora's team's defense. It's bold and risky, but it wouldn't be the first time we see a former Yankee thrive at Fenway or vice versa.

San Diego Padres

Petco Park
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The San Diego Padres are always looking for outfield help, and they reportedly reached out to the Yankees in the offseason to trade for Gallo.

They've gotten off to a solid start to the season, but they lack depth at that position. Gallo can rake like the best of them when he sees the ball well, and the Padres already showed interest in him, so keep an eye on them as a potential destination.