Meet Courteney Cox's Lovable Dogs!

Courteney Cox in a black dress
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Salma Ahmed

Who doesn't love dogs? Well, it's not us, and it certainly isn't the amazing Courteney Cox.

The Friends actress is known for her love for dogs; you can easily guess that by how kind and fun she is. We just know that anyone who doesn't like dogs won't be described with the word kind or any word that has positive connotations.

We will tell you everything we know about Cox's dogs and the situations worth mentioning!

What's Your Name?

Courteney Cox when she was younger
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We can't talk about Cox's cute little dogs without mentioning their names.

Cox owns two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Harley and Hopper. So should you call them Harley and Hopper? No, not really.

The Scream actress actually calls them Lily and Bear. We know you think it's weird, but we promise that this is the truth!

In every Instagram post where Cox includes pictures or videos of her dogs, she calls them Lily and Bear, so we will call them Lily and Bear too!

Masked Dogs

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston together
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If you are a Friends fan, you will love this!

A while ago, Courteney Cox posted a cute video that starts with Lily and Bear smelling a mask. The cuteness level went through the roof when the actress added captions in the video to make it look like the two dogs were having a conversation.

Now here comes the Friends part!

The video ended with Courteney Cox sitting on a couch next to two Jennifer Aniston, and both of them were wearing masks.

Lily and Bear were with them as well, and they wore, or attempted to wear, masks too! This video was a message by Cox and Aniston to encourage people to wear masks.

A Dangerous Situation

Courteney Cox on red carpet
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Not all stories are perfect or free of drama, and our story is certainly not free of drama!

In 2019, Cox became terrified when both Lily and Bear ran away from the actress' Malibu home.

What made the situation even more terrifying was that the two dogs ran into the Pacific Coast Highway near Cox's home.

Of course, she ran after them and tried to catch them before they got into the highway, but she could not.

Thankfully for Cox, a paparazzo saw Lily and Bear, and he stopped his car quickly and was able to catch both of them before they were hurt.

People reported, at the time, that a source close to Cox confirmed to them that "everyone's okay" after the incident happened.

A Well-deserved Thank You

Courteney Cox wearing glasses
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Following the incident, Cox was leaving Giorgio Baldi's restaurant in Santa Monica, and she ran into the same paparazzo who saved her Lily and Bear.

Just like what we said in the beginning, Cox is very kind.

The Friends actress was more than nice to the paparazzo and even told him, "thank you for saving my dogs' lives."

Cox's gratitude would be no surprise if you watched the actress' videos and pictures with Lily and Cox. Every single post is filled with love and cuteness.

So, of course we couldn't know about these two cute pups and not talk about them!