Rajneesh: 'A Genius In Exploitation'

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Heather L Lawton

Many who join cults are searching for a leader to guide their every move. They may be incapable of making decisions. But, nearly every time there is a case where a "religious" cult leader has shown signs of extremities within an organization, women make up the majority.

The female gender appears to be targeted more than men, perhaps due to the cowardice of these male leaders, a fear of being overpowered by other men, and their sexual aspirations and appetite.

When women fall into this overcast of religious trickery, it is almost certain if the authority figure is proficient enough to get them to become adherents, the woman will most likely be their sexual conquest.

Guru, Evil, Or Genius?

Religious Buddha Statue
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In a televised interview with 60 Minutes, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh stated he exploits people but that it's not evil: "I'm a genius in exploitation," the monarch said.

It behooves the masses that there are people who allow themselves to get caught in the clutches of cult leaders, but the belief there is a "religious" aspect waiting to save them from the world's evils is the main attraction.

While Rajneesh's disciples were a mix of women and men, he did not stray too far away from his successor, Charles Manson. Rajneesh enlisted a female adherent who was cold-blooded.

A Woman's Touch

Ma Anand Sheela Speaking In An Interview
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Rajneesh appointed Ma Anand Sheela as his secretary. Sheela was known for her ruthless demeanor and loyalist to Rajneesh, even if her duties entailed murder, assault, and arson. According to Rolling Stone, America's first bio-attack occurred in 1984 when Sheela led the assault with Rajneesh's other followers and poisoned 751 people in Oregon with Salmonella.

In a cowardly attempt to disable the voting community, Sheela and her lackeys laced a salad bar in hopes of electing their candidates in Wasco County. The Rajneesh Movement hospitalized 45 people but did not stop at bio-terrorism. Rajneesh used other ways to control and manipulate his followers.

Flower Power And The Orgies

A Topless Woman With Flowers Covering Her Breasts On A Bike With A Man Trailing Her
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Sometimes a cult's success should be credited to the era it was born. Rajneesh reportedly said, "sex was a path of superconsciousness." The Rajneesh Movement entered after the "Free Love" or "Flower Power" movement ended in the early 1970s. The leader taught his minions, "don't be trapped in relationships." The group was notorious for having orgies, as portrayed in Netflix's Wild Wild Country.

Behavior Of A Ballin' Cult Leader

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Like Jim and Tammy Faye Baker and many others, Rajneesh and Sheela financially profited off selling religion to their loyalists. Reports state that Sheela claimed destitution after being accused of hiding approximately $40 million in Swiss bank accounts. Diamond-encrusted Rolex watches, a 64,000-hectare commune, and a suspected $130 million are what Rajneesh was to have accumulated, thanks to his followers.

Is A Plan Without Women Foiled

A Woman On A Sofa With Her Head In Her Hands
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Could the Rajneesh Movement, sometimes aptly referred to as the Rajneeshee Movement(the mixing of Rajneesh and Sheela's last names), have reached its success without its dedicated female guru-in-the-making? Women are used in these religious visions as they are employed in serial-criminal activity because they are natural, trusting nurturers. "She would never hurt me because she is a woman," both genders would likely ponder.

The eyes of a cult leader can be wicked, and they know how to prey. They have profiled their candidates down to a T. The guru or cult leader is like a sexual sadist. According to FBI profilers and local investigators, sexual sadists don't prey on strong, confident, successful people. They focus on those, particularly women, who are unlucky in life. Those are the ones easiest to mold.

The ecclesiastical have said that Jesus preferred to spend his time with the downtrodden. It is not determined yet if Rolexes, orgies, and bio-terrorism were some of the Messiah's must-haves.