NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal To Sixers For Matisse Thybulle, Tobias Harris, No. 23 Pick & 2023 Second-Rounder In Proposed Trade

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After being eliminated in the second round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs, the Philadelphia 76ers are expected to be in a desperation mode in the upcoming offseason. The Sixers may have just acquired James Harden before the 2022 NBA trade deadline, but they obviously need more star power around Joel Embiid to have a realistic chance of fully dominating the Eastern Conference and winning the NBA championship title. In the past months, the Sixers have already been linked to several big names who could soon become available on the trading block.

Trading For Joel Embiid's Preferred Target

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One of the superstars that the Sixers could target on the trade market this summer is All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards. Beal has been on the Sixers' radar since the 2021 NBA offseason. Before they engaged in a blockbuster deal with the Brooklyn Nets to acquire "The Beard," Bill Simmons of The Ringer revealed that Embiid was pushing the Sixers to make a trade for Beal. The Sixers may have failed to grant Embiid's request before the 2022 NBA trade deadline, but they could pursue Beal once again this summer.

Proposed Sixers-Wizards Trade

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The Wizards are yet to make Beal available on the trading block but if he expresses his desire to leave this summer, they would be forced to listen to offers for him on the trade market. In a recent article, Brett Siegel of Sports Illustrated came up with a hypothetical blockbuster trade idea that the Sixers and the Wizards could explore in the upcoming offseason. In the proposed trade scenario, the Sixers would be offering a trade package that includes Matisse Thybulle, Tobias Harris, the No. 23 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, and a 2023 second-round pick to the Wizards in exchange for Beal and a 2026 second-round pick.

Sixers Finally Add A Third Star

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The proposed blockbuster deal would be a no-brainer for the Sixers as it would enable them to swap Harris for a superstar who would be a much better fit with Embiid and Harden. Beal would give the Sixers a third star who can excel in an off-ball capacity and efficiently knock down shots from beyond the arc. His potential arrival in the City of Brotherly Love is expected to improve the Sixers' offensive efficiency which ranks No. 11 in the league, scoring 111.0 points per 100 possessions.

Forming the "Big Three" of Beal, Embiid, and Harden would strengthen the Sixers' chances of reaching the NBA Finals and capturing the Larry O'Brien Trophy next season.

Wizards Obtain Rebuilding Assets

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The Wizard would be left with no choice but to accept the Sixers' offer if Beal is no longer interested in staying with the team. The potential trade package that they would be receiving from the Sixers may not be ideal, but it's still better than losing Beal as a free agent without getting anything in return. For the Wizards, the best scenario is to find a third team that is willing to absorb Harris' massive salary and convince the Sixers to add another young player and future draft assets to their offer.