MMA News: Daniel Cormier Gets Brutally Honest On UFC 55 Judging

Daniel Cormier
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Jon Conahan

Former MMA star and current commentator for the UFC, Daniel Cormier, had some strong words for the judging in the UFC 55 event held in Las Vegas over the weekend.

What Did Cormier Say?

Daniel Cormier
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Cornier had a lot to say about this issue. He notes that these things have been happening for too long and the UFC needs to get better judges in the ring.

“Guys, this is where I don’t really understand what I’m watching in terms of the fight. Anders fight, Holm fight, both had so much control time against the side of the Octagon, that I don’t know how they are losing the fight,” Cormier said.

“I think probably the most famous incident in which that happened was Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal, the first fight. If there is no value in clinch control, then how did Kamaru win that fight so dominantly the first time he fought Masvidal?

“I’m not saying dominant in terms of damage. I’m talking about so dominantly across the scorecards because very few judges scored the round for Jorge Masvidal outside of round number one,” he explained.

“What they did was give value and give credit to Kamaru Usman for putting Jorge Masvidal in a position that he did not want to go to for extended periods of time.”

Where Did Cormier Think The Judging Went Wrong?

Daniel Cormier
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Cornier notes some of the issues where he believed things were going wrong. He explains where exactly the judge went wrong and how they can fix it.

“That is where I think the judging gets f—ked up a little bit. Ketlen Vieira does not want to be against the side of the Octagon being held by Holly Holm. Regardless of what you think in terms of the damage, she doesn’t want to be there.

“If she had her choice, she would either have Holly Holm against the side of the fence or she would be out in the center, striking. But instead, she's controlled for 10 minutes. And I think Andre Pederneiras’ reactions show what he thought or how he thought the fight was playing out."

Have Judges Always Been An Issue?

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Judges have been a huge issue for the UFC dating back to the existence of the organization. Fans always believe that some of these fights are rigged and it looks bad for the business.

How Can The UFC Resolve This?

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It's not an easy solution for the UFC to solve this, but having ratings could be a good thing. For example, when the UFC goes back to review each fight, they can give points for the correct call and take away a point for incorrect calls. This could help get a better product and make the UFC better for its fans and fighters.