Surfer Caroline Marks Bares Toned Abs In Bikini

Caroline Marks selfie
instagram | Caroline Marks


Professional Surfer Caroline Marks shared some pictures of herself doing what she loves best, Surfing, on social media. The 20-year-old captured a special moment when she caught a massive wave.

She solidified herself as one of the names to look out for in surfing when she became the youngest qualifier at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the women's championship tour. Her drive and success earned a spot on Red Bull Surfing joining other champions like Malia Manuel.

More Campaign Pictures

The pro surfer showed off her toned abs and legs in an orange and white polka dot bikini. The photoshoot was a campaign for her sports sponsors, Red Bull and Roxy hence the branded surfboard she posed with. Marks also wore a bright smile with her blonde hair falling to the side in a straight breeze-blown wave.

She shared more photos from the photoshoot with her 249,000 Instagram followers explaining she took them in her hometown, Baco Raton, Florida. The subsequent pictures showed more angles of her lean physique including a side profile and submerged shot.

Underwater Swim For Red Bull

The athlete went underwater for her Red Bull "Strong is Beautiful" campaign. She wore a horizontally striped red and white bikini with a tied bottom and a halter neck string triangle top. Marks swam with the fish at sea ground level showing off her toned long legs and glutes with her long blonde highlighted hair flowing in the water.

Joining More Powerful Roxy Women

Marks joined more legends in her Roxy campaign - The New Cute - celebrating women in sports, saying "O.M.G." to their talents, success, and failures. The campaign included Olympic gold medal snowboarder Chloe Kim, a Roxy partner for years now. Marks wrote,

"OMG! A rallying cry to the accomplishments of women in sport. A rallying cry for women in general. Women are incredible. They surf mountains, and soar as high as skyscrapers. And on occasion, they fall from the sky. They land hard. Bleed, Scar, Cry. And get up and do it all over again. Often with their baby in one arm, and a trophy in the other...".

Luxe Living In Bali

The campaign comes on the heels of her return from Bali, Indonesia, where Marks showed off her long-toned legs and tight abs in a floral blue and white bikini with a branded Red Bull hat. With such great company (Kim and Manuel), there's no doubt the future is bright for Caroline Marks.