'RHOA' Stars Kenya And Marlo Get Into Heated Fight 

Kenya Moore
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Claudine Baugh

Episode 8 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) arrived last Sunday (June 26) with its usual load of drama among the ladies. 

The excitement began with Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield getting into a 'steamy' confrontation with Kandi Burruss about her lack of support, which caused the former Xcape singer to throw an unexpected 'tantrum.' Things got even more intense when Sanya Richards dropped the heart-wrenching news on her husband Aaron Ross that she doesn't want any more kids. 

The biggest spectacle of the night, however, was the massive blowout between Kenya Moore and Marlo at Drew Sidora's 'Drop It with Drew' workout event. 

The Calm Before The Storm 

It's safe to say Kenya and Marlo's altercation evolved from previous tensions surrounding concerns about whether or not Kandi was a good friend to the ladies. It just so happens that Marlo and Sheree didn't think she was, so they confronted her in a sauna room during a mini spa day.

Later, Kenya met up with Kandi to let her know Marlo had been talking behind her back about her not being a good friend. Kandi, who was fresh from her sauna room breakdown, got piqued when she realized Marlo had been having these conversations with a lot more people than she had expected. 

The Kenya & Marlo Fight

The ladies met up at Drew's workout event, 'Drop It with Drew,' sometime after, and Kandi attempted to confront Marlo over what she had heard. Still, an untimely incident involving an intruder at her home, Kandi and her husband Todd had to rush home. 

After they left, Marlo mentioned to the ladies that Kandi had approached her about her statements but was confused about who would have told her. She immediately turned to Kenya and asked, "Did it come from you, Kenya?" putting her on the spot.

With her back against the wall, Kenya admitted, "It came from me, yes, I report things back accurately." 

Marlo questioned her further, asking if she included Sheree's involvement in the mix, but Kenya responded, "She wasn't focused on Sheree … she ain't f##ing with you at the end of the day she ain't f##ing with you!"

"It made her realize all the things you haven't been to her," Kenya added. 

Marlo Gets Mad!

In her confessional, Marlo would reveal just how aggravated she was at that moment. "You turn right around, and you just stab me, you break me down, Kenya, and you hurt me, and I'm tired of you hurting me," Marlo ardently said.

The scenes went back to the workout event at the gym, and Marlo tells Kenya, "Can you teach me how to be a friend Kenya?" but Moore picked up on her sarcasm right away. "You don't know how to be a friend," Kenya replied. 

That's when things escalated to no return. Marlo began pressing Kenya to ask her about what's been going on in her life, including the situation with her ex Mark, which simply set Kenya off!

The two ladies began screaming hateful words at each other and getting into each other's faces, and before you knew it, they looked as though they were ready to fight, but the other ladies separated them before things got ugly. 

Tune Into 'RHOA'

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), season 14, episode 8, dubbed 'Healthy Glows and Low Blows' with Kenya and Marlo's big fight aired on June 26th. Stay tuned for follow-up episodes every Sunday on Bravo TV 8/7 C.