How To Ask Icebreaker Questions On A Date

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Salma Ahmed

When it comes to dating, we've all had these awkward moments when we didn't know what we should talk about.

Don't even get us started on guys who end up asking, "what do you think of today's weather?" because questions like that could be the end of your date.

Another disadvantage is that this awkward silence won't help you get to know your date better, but icebreakers will.

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Random Questions

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One type of icebreaker question is asking random ones. When we say random, we don't mean that you ask the first question that comes to your mind; that is dangerous.

What we actually mean is to ask questions that aren't predictable or related to any of the topics you have talked about before. So sure, you could go for sudden questions you thought of, but it won't hurt to think for 3 seconds before asking them. Ask yourself first, "do I really want to ask that question?"

Some examples are "what are your hobbies?" and "what is your favorite movie/book?"

General Questions

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You could also ask some general questions as icebreakers; the difference between them and random ones is basically that you think more than 3 seconds before you ask them.

You can use this type to get to know your date on a more personal level and open new topics that both of you can talk about easily.

For example, you could ask your date, "what has been your most embarrassing moment?" or "who is someone you admire greatly?"

Get To Know Them Better

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There is a thin line between grave and slightly serious questions, and we recommend using the latter. You can use the first type as you go on more dates with the same person.

This type helps you to know your date more closely and to decide if you want to see them again or not. You can pick questions that their answer will let you know if there are any red flags in the person in front of you.

You could ask, "what kinds of things bother you?" and "How do you handle stress?"

Funny Questions

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A lot of people love this type of icebreaker questions. This is probably because everyone loves a good joke and also because many people look for a good sense of humor in those they decide to date.

If your date didn't laugh at any of your jokes, that doesn't mean they have a bad sense of humor; it could simply mean that you don't share the same idea about what is considered funny.

It's better to pick questions that you actually think are funny. If you want some examples, you could ask your date, "if you were a type of mustard, what type would you be?"

Pick Truth

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Our last suggestion is playing truth or dare together, and no, it isn't childish; we refuse to acknowledge that.

You can go with this one if you like risks and won't mind trying out some dares. Even dares can help you know your date better; if they accept it. Does that make them crazy or just what you were looking for in someone?

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