NBA News: Jayson Tatum Talks Trade Rumors And Learning From The NBA Finals

Jayson Tatum
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Ernesto Cova

Not many 24-year-old players can brag about playing in the NBA Finals. Not many of them can say they make $32+ million a year, either.

But Jayson Tatum has proven that he's not an ordinary guy long before he made it to the league, and his rise to the top is only getting started.

Tatum Is Elite

Jayson Tatum
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So, looking back on that experience in a sit down with The Athletic, Tatum's confidence is at an all-time high after reaching basketball's ultimate stage, even though they didn't win:

“(I learned) that I’m 24 and one of the best players in the world and that I will compete against whoever and take on that challenge,” Tatum said. “In that same breath, I feel like there’s so much I could be better at, and I think that’s the exciting part. That I’m at where I’m at, where there’s so much more I can be, so much more I can learn and so many more experiences to go through.”

He Believes In Boston

Jayson Tatum
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Tatum knows he can't take anything for granted or just assume they'll go back to the Finals. Nonetheless, he fully believes in this Boston Celtics' core and knows they can get the job done together:

“It’s not a ‘for sure’ thing, you know. You have to put in the work. You have to take the right steps,” Tatum said. “But I’m positive that we got the right group that will buy in, and we can’t look past anything and just try to coast our way to the finals. We gotta start from training camp. We gotta start from Day 1.”

It's Impossible To Ignore Trade Rumors

Jayson Tatum
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The only issue with that is that the Celtics may not be together for much longer. They've been engaged in trade talks for Kevin Durant and Jaylen Brown could be on his way out. Notably, Tatum knows it's nearly impossible not to hear or read about that stuff:

“It always comes from an anonymous source, but it always makes ESPN or Twitter or whatever, and everybody sees it," Tatum said. "So you never know what is true and what’s not true, but it gets people to talk about it, and I guess that’s the idea. They got what they wanted out of the deal, for people to talk about it and make speculations and this, that, and the third."

Players Need To Stay Focused

Jayson Tatum
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But on the same note, players need to find a way to zoom out of those rumors and just focus on what they control.

"If you pay attention to everything you see on Twitter or TV, you’ll drive yourself crazy. I think that’s just something that you have to learn just to keep your own sanity and your own peace. They will literally say anything, and some of it might be true, and then there’s other things that just couldn’t be further from the truth," Tatum concluded.

So, with or without Brown by his side, Tatum wants to reach the highest stage again, and he'll surely have plenty of more chances to do so in years to come.