Kurt Russell's 'The Thing' Was A Box Office Bomb

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Movie watchers know that critics' opinions on movies don't always translate to the audience's sentiments. Also, Box Office failures are sometimes feel-good movies, and Kurt Russell's The Thing is one of those movies.

While it's become a cult classic amongst horror movie fans, the 1982 movie was a box office failure recouping $19.6 million at home (the USA) against a $15 million budget. Russell has since made more movies ranging from great to horrible.

Becoming A Box Office Failure (Possible Reasons)

If you just met Russell in the last ten years, then you may not recognize him with his black hair, but he still has that beautiful face that made him an 80s sweetheart. The Thing wasn't his first movie, as he'd already starred as Elvis about three years prior.

The film was released into cinema in the same cycle as E.T. Extra-Terrestrial and the O.G. Blade Runner; perhaps that accounts for its poor reception by the American public. Also, 1982 was a recession, and movie-goers didn't want to see things reminding them of their misfortune.

'The Thing' Inspires New Filmmakers

The fact that a film falls flat on its audience doesn't mean it'll do the same with filmmakers and actors. These groups see pictures through lenses other than pure entertainment and take meaningful lessons from them.

Some of your favorite filmmakers of the 21st century, from Quentin Tarantino to Edgar Wright and Guillermo Del Toro, drew inspiration from The Thing. Tarantino even cast Russell in his movie Death Proof in 2007 and used similar themes from The Thing for The Hateful Eight in 2015.

All About 'The Thing' Movie

The Thing is a Science Fiction horror thriller directed by John Carpenter which tells the story of American researchers in Antarctica. They encounter oddities in the form of deformed humanoids which they (true to horror-flick form) take home for "research purposes."

They realize there's an unidentified thing possessing living things, including dogs and humans turning them into monsters unbeknownst to their companions.

This movie also had big stars like Keith David and T.K. Carter. You can watch the trailer above and decide if you'd like it. Halloween is the perfect excuse. 

What's Russell Doing Today?

In recent years, Russell has taken on more interesting roles such as Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles, Mr. Nobody in the Fast & Furious installments, and Peter Quill's father Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.